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DialnSmile News!

Dentists and orthodontists in North America and Europe give DialnSmile™ a big thumbs up on convenience and quality!
"The best type of toothbrush is the one that gets used" - Smile Solutions Orthodontists

The unique refillable toothpaste tube in the DialnSmile™ Brush allows people to brush anytime... anywhere!

Because of its convenient and compact design, the DialnSmile™ is perfect for use at home and even more perfect away from home! It fits neatly in purses, briefcases, backpacks and lunch boxes.

Finally, now you can brush with your favorite toothpaste at home, the office, gym, traveling, school… everywhere!

The protective case keeps it clean and minimizes any risks of cross contamination.

No more masking unclean teeth and bad breath with gum and mints, there’s a better, healthy alternative…DialnSmile™!

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